Riot started to suck big time…

I’m an avid player of LOL. But i don’t know how to play. I just select Jax, go to the jungle, kill as many minions and monsters and push towers. If my team lets me alone, i got 2-3 kills and die 10+ times.
But that’s not the problem. that’s just my idiotic playing.
My Riot problem is another. I have massive lag. And that’s happens when i already loaded enough programs/ browser tabs. Because i have only 4GB ram.
But the biggest problem is the server. It’s flooded by polish. Most of them 9-13 years old. Those kids ruin the game for everyone. I have no problems with czechs, with ex-yugoslavians, russians, you name it. but the polish are just unexperimented.
A few months a go i see a lot of greeks playing not bad, but terrible, then reported all the team at the end. Lately they vanished, which is awesome.
Worst is when 2 or 3 polish are premade. If you get into a team like that, you might just afk ar stay at the base. No matter how good you play, the game is lost and you will get 3 reports. Better to just close the game and do something else, something that matters.
I see a lot of people talking about a server just for polish. I think that’s a great idea. don’t get me wrong, i like polish, but LOL players are just bad. Rarely i see a good player. I think in a year and a half i see only 3-4 good players, cooperating with the team, helping others, pushing etc. In the majority they are just too dumb. that’s right, dumb! Because i don’t understand how they can let you alone ambushed by 2 foes and they run away into a bush and recall with full hp and full mana. That’s just wrong and non-helping! and that players deserve to have the accound DELETED. Not banned for a few days, but DELETED.
And the IP banned it’s a great thought…

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